Portrait Workshop I 2013

John Thamm Masterclass Portrait Painting

Theme: Oil painting of portraits with the “wipe out
technique” on canvas.
Teacher: John Thamm
Duration of course: 5 days / 9:00-17:00
Date: 15 April – 19 April 2013
Number of participants: +/- 15
Location: Landgut Burig (close to Berlin), Jägerstraße 17a,
15537 Gosen-Neu-Zittau OT Burig, Germany

Course as described, lunch buffet included, without overnight accommodation
Price € 575,-

To participate in the John Thamm Masterclass basic oil painting experience is required.
This class is not for beginners.
More information on John Thamm: John Thamm

Class Description of the Portrait Masterclass with John Thamm

This five day workshop begins with an accelerated review of the basics of painting the human head and using the Wipe-Out Technique. Students practice mapping the human head, setting the axis and median line, painting the features of the face-eyes, ears, nose and mouth, visualizing the planes of the face and understanding shadows and highlights. Then they review how to work with patterns so when they leave the workshop they can paint portraits of family and friends from photographs.

Students will gain the knowledge to work with accent elements such as background, hair, hats, scarves, shirts, jackets and dresses and approach the basics of adding flesh tones to the face.

During the workshop students will learn all the steps to paint a portrait starting with the basics of lighting, the thumbnail sketch, value and color, the portrait palette, facial features, shadows, halftones, highlights to completing the finishing touches that gives the portrait a lasting impression.

To register for a class please email, call or fax us to provide us with the following information:
– Your name, adress and contactdetails
– Which course you want to sign up for

As soon as we recieve this information, we will send you a registration form. You can fill in and sign this form and send it back to us over email, fax or with the post.

As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you an invoice. After a downpayment of 30% your place in the class will be guaranteed. Please note that there is a limited number of places in every class and that reservation can only be guaranteed after the requested downpayment.

There is a limited number of hotelrooms available at the Estate Burig (location of the course).
To book a room at the Estate, please contact Hotel Burig directly by phone, fax or email:
(Please note that the switchboard is not always manned.)

Landsitz Gut Burig
Tourismus GbR Lehmann/Schmohl,
Jägerstraße 17 A
15537 Gosen-NeuZittau

Telefon: +49 (3362) 888609
Telefax: +49 (3362) 8810122
E-Mail: post@residenz-burig.de
The Website of the Burig Estate

Superior room with included use of pool.
Breakfast and lunch buffet are included.
All rooms are non-smoking.

Price Single Room without breakfast: € 350,- (including breakfast € 25,- extra)
Price Double Room without breakfast: € 462,- (including breakfast € 50,- extra)

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