CHOICE? 2016

trump-nogalleryinfo-12-27-15BARK, SMIRK AND PUCKER – THE THREE  FACES OF TRUMP


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“CHOICE?” 2016 is presently showing at Hatch.

Here are some preview images of the exciting pieces in this show.  To view this show email to arrange an appointment.


JILL STEIN-GREEN PARTY  36″ x 36″  Oil on Canvas  $1000



BERNIE RECEIVED  “THE BURN”  36″ x 36″  Oil on Canvas  $1200

Artist’s Statement – CHOICE? 2016

In December 2015, I painted the Trump Triptych called “Bark, Smirk, and Pucker.” I set it in the window of my JF Thamm Gallery/Studio in Bisbee, Arizona-a small remote, mountain town in Southern Arizona just 4 miles from the border of Mexico.  Locals and tourists flocked to the window to enjoy the painting.  Soon they were asking to be photographed with it.

When I saw the reaction to “Bark, Smirk, and Pucker”, I decided to paint all of the 2016 candidates.  The 2016 debate season allowed me to study their expressions and listen to their rhetoric and produce a variety of pieces on the entire field of candidates.

Political portraiture is my passion.  I chose to paint the portraits “larger than life” because it fits the :larger than life” persona that Presidential candidates portray.